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Cool Down

Do you know the song of the Sun seducing the Moon?

With a familiar Dancehall sound that influenced several genres for generations, “Cool Down” brings a new perspective on what it means to be authentically dancehall. The song encapsulates the apex of desire in the heat of romance in ways that can only be found in the Caribbean. The lyric video ambitiously depicts the Sun seducing the Moon in allegory.

Can you find all the hidden messages?

Watch, Listen and Remember. “Cool Down”, a Digital Symposium created by DeQyd.


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โ€œFearlessโ€ is primarily dancehall in genre with a pop sound. Its all about promiscuity and it mixes Jamaican dialect with english to achieve a unique vibe of sexiness and street.
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I Think So

โ€œI Think Soโ€ is all about the smooth vibes paired with the uncertainty that comes with stepping to that girl you like.
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Dutty Gyal

DeQyd mixes no words in his 4th release, “Dutty Gyal”